ToyoKaiser Series UP-123J1K


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ToyoKaiser Series UP-123J1K,UP-123F1K

Reak and rosewood, polished

Luxurious and elegant. A fusion of retro and fashion. Delicate wood grain texture.

Bent or straight legs

Fish scale spruce soundboard

Precision casting classic iron row

Imported high-density peg plate

Imported tungsten iron peg pin

Strings imported from Germany, which are resistant to rust

Hammer imported from Germany

Craft wood keyboard with faux ivory key skin. Balance weighing one by one

Natural ebony black keys

The movement is made of solid wood and carbon fiber combined with gelatin imported from Germany

The keyboard bed is made of high-strength solid wood, and the inner lining is anti-deformation aluminum. (The high-end model adopts an all-aluminum alloy structure of the keyboard bed. The high-strength aluminum alloy allows the piano to maintain a good playing state in harsh environments.)

A solid wood linkage system

Built-in keyboard cover descender, which is made by brass and gold plated material

Use hard solid brass as hardware material

Accessories: piano bench, footrest, keyboard, and a full piano cover.

Packing: Moisture-proof treatment, pearl cotton anti-collision layer, double-layer carton, and wooden frame.

Ten years long-term warranty

Length, width and height: 152*62*123 (mm)