After-sales Information

The adjustment process of TOYO Company’s technicians to the piano is as follows: tuning, adjustment, voicing and maintenance. Especially for the new piano, it will maintain an unstable state in the short term due to the change of its using environment. Meanwhile, some special materials like wood and fiber will vary with the change of temperature and humidity, placement time, using frequency and other factors. For these facts, if the new piano is not adjusted regularly and used appropriately before its state becomes stable, its service life will be greatly shortened.


Tuning mainly refers to adjust the interval of the piano, which is a work of coordinating musical instruments.

Adjustment refers to the adjusting work of the design size of string striking device like keyboard height.

Voicing mainly refers to the timbre adjustment with needling the string hammer, and related works of polishing and shaping the old and damaged string hammer.

Maintenance refers to the replacement of consumed parts, or the replacement or maintenance of damaged parts.